April 19, 2006

Sometimes, I am SUCH a show-off... :)

But only sometimes. Have I mentioned that I love to snowboard? No, I am not "one of THOSE girls." You know the type, the ones that buy the designer outfit and stand around looking pretty and making cow eyes at the guys. I just like strapping a narrow, flimsy board to my feet and careening down a mountainside at 20-something (or is it more?) miles per hour. Hahaha! To answer your question, yes, I am doing better today.

Anyway, no, I didn't go snowboarding today. I was working on my uncle's retired, 80-foot long fishing vessel today. He is turning it into a research vessel, slowly but surely. He has grandiose schemes of being able to put his little float plane (a Piper Cub) on the back of the boat and sailing around the world, or at least the Pacific Northwest. :) So how was I showing off, you may ask?

Well, our specific reason for being on the boat today was unloading huge barrels, full of bilge water (oily water), that weighed 400-500 lbs. EACH! We had to get them on the little barrel frame thingy, then use a pulley system (that was SO not automated) to get them up over the side of the boat and down onto a little cart. Then, I steered the cart, with a few people pushing it, to the truck. (I am really bad at distance so I have no idea how far away it was, but it took about 5 minutes because we were on a dock the whole time.) Just before the truck, we had to take this massive barrel up a long steep ramp and yes, I was still pulling, looking tough, showing off my "gym" muscles. Hahaha! Okay, enough, you don't care about the whole barrel thing or how "buff" I am.

Here is something interesting. I am REALLY sunburnt. I don't know what the weather is like somewhere else in the country, say in Tennessee, but it was HOT in Oregon today.

On a more interesting topic....um, I can't think of anything. Maybe now isn't the best time to blog because I have nothing to say. On the bright side, at least I am not feeling mournful enough to write another sad, depressing poem. I have been writing a LOT of those lately and a few of them are on this site. So, you know who you are, leave me a comment on those poems PUHLEEZE because I wrote them for/about ( etc.) you.

As I look over this post, it seems so immature. Not at all on the same level as my usual posts. Oh well, in everyone's life there are times to just be happy and sort of silly. There are also times for tears, I have had a lot of those lately so it is about time for a happy day...


Scribbley said...

Wow, your uncle has some serious toys. If your uncle goes sailing around the Northwest, I got family in a little town called Thorne Bay, AK. My dad lives there. I am actually a transplant to Tennessee, I was born in Idaho and my mother is French Canadian.
Hmm, it seems weird to correspond through blog replies, but I have been feeling like I do not get to say everything I want to because I don't want to break some unspoken internet etiquette. Oh well.
Two large thunderstorm cells (spawned by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface, happens all the time in the south in the summertime) rolled through this morning. It was sunny when I got into my vehicle and left my house, but got dark again as I drove towards Knoxville. It rained, hailed, and lightninged (ya, I said it) like mad, but eventually I had driven through it. But it followed me. Have way to class, it began to rain sideways and upside down. My umbrella was inverted like a cartoon, and I was SOAKED all over. I arrived to class looking like I had swam across the Tennessee River. To make things worse, because of the sudden arrival of the storm everyone else in class was completely dry, and unaware of the storm. I was laughing the whole time of course, because what can you do? I went home during a break, to get some dry socks.
Its just funny how some people react to things like that. I passed a sororitute (thats sorority girl and prostitute combined) who looked like she was going to cry on my journey 10,000 leagues under the sea. I was grinning and giggling like a fool. Who cares if your hair gets messed up? So what if your shoes squeak? Why take yourself so seriously, you know? Well, of course you do.

AFamousStatue said...

I love to dance in the rain. I would have been laughing and dancing around in the rain. I would have skipped class to dance in the rain.
I like your last paragraph best. Do you mean I take myself seriously??? Well, someone has to. :)

Scribbley said...
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