April 20, 2006

I wrote this last night.

I am so tired but there is no way I can get to sleep. My mind is running circles around in my head. My sister has a cold and she is snoring SO loudly. It is dark in my room, but if I turn the light over my bed on, she will wake up and she will NOT be happy, forgetting the fact that she has kept me up for the past half hour! So I choose not to incur her wrath, and so I write this by the light of a dimly shining flashlight, on the old-fashioned method of paper and pen.

I just watched half of a movie from India called, "Dil to Pagal Hai." It means "The Heart is Mad." The whole motto of this movie is "Someone, somewhere was made for you." It made me feel SO romantic, as actually, all Indian movies do.

I do not believe in coincidences. I think that everything, I repeat, everything happens for a reason. Only God can know the end result of everything that happens and we humans are simply along for the ride. A lot of things have happened in my 18 years that are too "random" and have had such varied, wonderful results to let me believe they simply...happened. Like the time that I ran across the street without looking for cars (when I was 6?) and hit a truck coming down the hill. I mean hit, because I smacked the rear of the truck with my wrist and the car NEVER crossed in front of me. Oh wait, that is a miracle. I can't think straight right now because I am so tired and my sister continues to snore, ask me sometime about all these random things and I will tell you...

But anyway, I believe that someday, I will meet the most perfect match for me that could ever be. Just like in that movie, the guy and the girl spend their whole lives on opposite sides of the same city annd never meet. Then one day, they cross pathes and their lives are COMPLETELY changed, forever.

I am not making any sense, am I? Oh well, practice your reading comprehension skills. I MUST go to bed, my day starts an hour earlier tomorrow....Goodnight.

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Scribbley said...

Lol, "Oh well, practice your reading compehension skills" -- that's going to be a classic for a looooonnng time. I about fell out of my chair.
You know, I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I have secret love for foreign films. I usually like the old black and white ones, from the 40's or older. But I also like modern ones. I even took a Russian Film class.
I can't help but see a certain fallacy in the whole "everything happens for a reason." As unoriginal as this sounds, that kind of puts people who are the victims of tragedies, large and small, in a predicament. Why were they destined to lose a loved one to a brutal crime, etc? Hmm, maybe I am just bitter, because I feel like I have gotten the short stick of destiny. I guess maybe the more I think about it, I do believe things happen for a reason. But as I said above, that raises a lot of interesting and maybe even frightening questions. I think this is not very coherent. How ironic that I poke fun of your reading comprehension comment, and then proceed to spazz and dribble all through my commentary. I hope you can decipher this mess. Very stimulating post, I enjoy your way thinking, especially when you think you aren't making any sense. I think thats when people are thinking the clearest, as paradoxical as that sounds (case in point I guess).