November 03, 2006

Rejoice, I say again, rejoice!!

When it feels
Like your world is crashing down around you,
Keep your eyes on Me.
I'll be your northern star.
I'll get you through the dark.

When you're lost,
I'll be the arrow
On the compass of your heart.

When you can't sleep,
Don't count sheep,
Think of Me, dream of Me,
And let everything else go.

When you tried and failed,
To make it on your own,
Give up the wheel,
And let Me take you home...

I wrote that back in April of this year. But it seems so applicable to right now, for me. I seem to be hitting rough spots on a more regular basis now. And that is a good thing because, as I have said so many times before, life is NOT supposed to be easy. Life is not supposed to be a time when all our desires are satisfied. IN FACT, all of our desires are supposed to be, with God's help, oriented on what GOD wants, not ourselves. I am so far from this state, but God is helping me to grow and to die to my self will whenever it wants to defend itself, its "right" to "happiness." AND, more and more, God is helping me to be happy when people in the world would be crying in the same situation. That is because God is behind me-to catch me if I fall, beneath me-bearing me up, in front of me-protecting me and leading me, and beside me-comforting me. (I know that is from one of my old poems but I couldn't find it except in my memory.)

So, I WILL rejoice. I will cherish everything, especially the hard things, that God gives me because He only does it to bring me closer to Him...