April 21, 2006

It is about time.

I had a whole page written about relationships. It was actually witty and made sense but I erased the whole thing. I don't know who is reading this blog and I guess I don't want to take the chance on revealing some, um, information.

So I will complete this post with meaningless drivel. If you must, you can try to read in between the lines and get something magnificent out of it, but it would be a waste of your time. I am hopelessly unclever, unfunny, and un"magnificent" this morning. Sorry to disappoint you.

I got new glasses yesterday, glasses that actually make me want to forgoe contacts. The first time my mom saw them she said, "They make you look SMART." As opposed to what, Mom?? Other than the new and improved "smart" factor, my new glasses are nearly invisible, which is their biggest attraction to me. I like nearly invisible.

Speaking of invisible, do you ever wish you could turn invisible for a while and listen in on conversations you were never supposed to hear? I do, sometimes. I also wish I could fly, no, not in an airplane, just fly, like a falcon, or a golden eagle.

I wish I could blame my current state of mind of sleep depravation again but I can't. I went to bed early last night and slept in this morning. I think I am just in one of my "wierd" moods. There are two Russians sitting at the table across from mine. They are babbling on in Russian and staring off into space. The guy looks like he'd rather be anywhere but sitting next to the girl who won't stop talking and looks like a skinny bumblebee because her shirt is BRIGHT yellow. Are you shocked? That wasn't very nice of me. Allow me to try again. She looks like a sunflower.

I need to go get food, or coffee or something. I just need to get out of the library at the college and off the campus. Maybe I should fly somewhere, like New York or England. Okay, now I am scaring myself with my wierdness....

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Scribbley said...

Now now, you shouldn't erase what first comes out. Otherwise you are suppressing yourself ;)

I was always one who wanted the ability to turn invisible. I remember trying to hide behind adults when I was 3 or 4, or trying to sneak up on other kids while they were playing to observe them without their knowledge (was a weird loner sort of kid).

Hmm, its interesting that you use words like "blame," and act as if there is something wrong with you. What is wrong about wanting travel, to break free of the ruts we fall in and just travel or fly away? I think such things all the time. I'd love to go to Italy, or Greece. And maybe not even come back...

From your talk about the Russians, I get the impression that you are a bit of a people watcher. I like to try and make up what they might be saying when I hear two people talking in another language. Usually it becomes a rather ridiculous conversation (you can imagine now that you have had a few glimpses into my imagination).