April 17, 2006

A Beautiful Love Story

My aunt and uncle met, decades ago, and dated for three months. But sadly, they broke up because of huge differences and the fact that my aunt had a lot of growing still to do. They didn’t talk or see each other for four years. My uncle was in his late twenties and was tempted to feel a little desperate. His mother told him that he didn’t need to worry about finding his soul mate; God would simply bring her down their driveway and up to their front door.

One beautiful, sunny day, my aunt was driving around in Oregon City, and got lost. She turned onto a long driveway, in the hopes of finding someone to give her directions. She drove to the end of the road, and found a big yellow house. She went up to the door, knocked, and my uncle opened the door.

They married shortly after, and have been in their “honeymoon” stage for nearly three decades.

God separated them, but knew that they were perfect for each other and fantastically brought them back together, years later.

Just because you feel like you have lost a precious thing, doesn’t mean that God won’t give it back to you later down the line, IF that is what is best for you. Simply trust for the time being and know that “every good and perfect thing comes from the Father.” Knowing (and believing) this is what has helped me the most these past few weeks.

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Scribbley said...

Reading a story like that is very refreshing. I come from an extremely complicated family, with many divorces, affairs, and couples who have decided never to marry. So the question arises, if there are "soul mates" for people, how come so many people seem to either screw it up or never find theirs? I like to think their is a guy at the switch looking out for everyone, but I am just playing devil's advocate here.