April 24, 2006

A Gentle Laughter Ringing in My Ears

That title has nothing to do with this post. I just liked the way it sounds when I say it out loud. Am I being ridiculous and silly? Probably so. But I am tired, so give me a teeny-tiny break. Why am I tired, since I continue to procrastinate till the last minute with all my homework??

Yesterday, we went biking on the Springwater Trail. This is a nice, flat, concrete trail that is miles and miles long. We, my family and my best friend, biked 12 miles. No, that wouldn't make me tired. What made me tired is my best friend used my bike and I had to scooter. You remember the type, those scooters that were immensely popular 2 or 3 years ago? Anyway, I scootered for 11 MILES. Hahaha! I feel so powerful and yet, so incredibly sore.

But that is just me babbling again. Once again, I don't feel brilliant. Isn't that the way things go? I come up with a brilliant post, a silly post, a brilliant post, a silly post, and so on and so forth. Today I go to work. As my friend Scribbley says, people are putting their lives into my hands today. Now isn't that a scary thought!!!?? Anyone who knows me from the pool would be a little concerned, but really, I am quite capable!! I need to go take a shower, perhaps that and this steaming cup of coffee will wake me up....

Stay tuned for an expose of the female's brain processes. At least as much as I can understand of the female's brain processes, which isn't much! (How DO you guys handle us????)

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Scribbley said...

I am so glad that the burden of trying to do the complex human psyche due justice in its description is no longer mine. I eagerly await your analysis on the female brain. I would love to hear your impressions on the typical male brain sometime, as well.
Scootering for 11(!!!) miles?! That's got to be some sort of record. So, were both of your legs sore, or just one of them, lol.
Not feeling brilliant does not dim the brilliance everyone else sees. It just means you have your eyes closed for the moment ;)

Generally, when I handle females I wear welder's gloves and safety goggles, as well as flame retardant clothing. It's always a good idea to have on a good pair of sneakers, so you can flee if things get out of hand.