August 26, 2006

"Out of the Shadows"

For so long,
I hid myself from the world,
Like a bear in a cave.

Armored my insecurities
With a smile and a hearty laugh
And both hands held up
To stave off anyone
Who could enter
My carefully constructed

Both hands can't protect
My entirety.
Too small a space
They can fully guard
And somehow
My hiding place
Was discovered,

Bright lights
Burned my long-darkened eyes,
Exposed me to real life.
Now, I am coming
Out of the shadows,
Never will run from reality


Well, I wrote this back in May. (Have at it, my poetry critics.) But while you read it, think about what you have a tendency to run from in reality. It's different for everyone. Is it the scary notion of letting go of the rest of your life and letting Christ run it? Is it the frightening idea that our knowledge is limited and no, there is not an answer for everything...except God? What is it for you? If you can recognize it, share it with me. I pray for many of you often and I would like to know how to more "tailor" my prayers.


Isaiah 43:19
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

I feel like a wasteland, and not one with streams popping up out of it. How come I do not perceive that the Lord is doing a new thing in me? Well, it doesn't matter what I feel anyway. The Lord just wants me to trust. Okay, I choose to trust that my "Gardener" knows what He is doing. :)

August 15, 2006

A Foretaste of Things to Come

Just letting everyone know they should expect my posts to be few and far between for a while, not sure how long. I just feel so struck by the Lord to set my hands to the plow and try and change the world. My uncle is doing just that through his national ministry, the National Prayer Network (see link.) I want to help him. I want to help people. I want to be able to use the strengths I have to hold up others' arms when they are weak. I want to be a blessing. Most importantly, GOD wants to make me all those things. With His help, I can and will change from a mostly self-centered person to someone who is completely overwhelmed, drenched, covered, and of course, centered in Christ.

SO... please pray that the Lord will help me grow. I want to. Life is a total waste if you stay in one place. My sister, Harmony, who is SUCH an inspiration to me (she also has a blog, Truthteller Girl {see link}), related to me a quote by someone, I forget who:

"Recognize your ability to imitate Christ."

I realize this: There is no point in calling myself a Christian if I am not going to LIVE 24/7 like Christ did and commands me, and all of us to. So let's all do something revolutionary: let's live like Christ during the entire week, not just Sundays.

Praying for you all....

August 03, 2006

"Your Love"

The sky has never looked
This blue
During my blackest storms.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

The sun has never shined
So brightly
In the midst of so many thick clouds.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

My most mournful dirves have never
Been such sweet, happy
This is what Your love
Does for me.

The highest mountains have never
Been flat, rolling plains
In my life.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

The tremendous winds have never
Come and gone as
These gentle, caressing breezes through my hair.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

Your love catapults my spirit
To heights unknown to rockets and spaceships,
Even when my body and mind
Are filled with chaos and pain.

Your love lifts my feet to dancing
Even when the music has
Long since stopped
And the lights gone out.

Your love is the flame that
Warms my heart
When the icy travails of
My red enemy would
Long since have frozen and killed me.

Your love lights
The path You have
Chosen for me,
Illumining boulders and barriers.
And Your love carries me
When I am too weak to
Crawl onward.

Most of all,
Your love gives me a reason to live...

I mean every word of this. I could not begin to take the next step without the Lord's love and His strength...

August 02, 2006

Just wait for a while...

I am SO very busy but I will write soon. I've already planned a long "essay" on rejoicing. Thanks y'all for being patient.