April 16, 2006

"Just For You," by me

When it feels
Like your world is crashing down around you,
Keep your eyes on Me.
I'll be your northern star.
I'll get you through the dark,

When you're lost,
I'll be the arrow
On the compass of your heart.

When you can't sleep,
Don't count sheep,
Think of Me, dream of Me,
And let everything else go.

When you tried and failed,
To make it on your own,
Give up the wheel,
And let Me take you home...

1 comment:

Scribbley said...

My favorite two lines are "When you can't sleep, Don't count sheep,"
A total reversal of the cliche, I love it. The "Think of ME, dream of Me," is neat too, as it is following an image of restlessness with the sheep bit, and gives the idea of merely thinking the person will give sleep. Much more efficient than thinking of several sheep in numerical order. Very nice.
---As for commentary on my babbling, any response evoked would be most welcome. I am more or less just trying to keep my writing voice, as I am in a stretch in my college education with few creative outlets, and none on the horizon. Simple banter would be great.