July 05, 2006


I’ve come to terms
With the truth:
My New Year’s resolution
Will never occur-
I will never be perfect.
The Bible says
Present yourself an
Unashamed workman.
Well I am ashamed of my handiwork.
I try and try
To avoid scarlet cheeks
And the constant parade
Of my foot to my mouth.
I wear rubber bans to remind me,
Tape to bind my mouth shut
But somehow, I always slip up.
Like today and the day before,
And the weekend before that,
I nearly ready to join a convent.

But hiding away from life’s little slips,
Means never showing God’s greatest gifts-
Forgiveness and love,
Mercy and peace.

When He made me,
He knew what He created.
He created an imperfect (by my standards)
Girl, who speaks before she thinks,
And leaps before she looks.
And even though I often find myself
Tumbling down
Because of another mistake,
The best leap I ever made
Was the one straight into His arms.

That blind faith is
The only kind of perfection
He asks for and the only kind I’ll ever need.



Scribbley said...

Haha, the first stanza is very cute. Was the "rubber bans" a play on words, or a typo? Either way works.

It's kind of a comforting thought the poem concludes with, too...

AFamousStatue said...

Umm, I would say a play on words and feign brilliance, but it was a typo. Now I think of it, I like it like that and will keep it there.

Yes, just blind faith, Scrib. We couldn't reach physical perfection in this lifetime anyways...