July 12, 2006

Life's a crazy tornado, and I am stuck in its funnel!!!

I think that is one of my best titles ever, eh?

Life IS like a tornado right now. At least I am getting more sleep at night. All last week I was having horrible nightmares so I was more tired when I woke up than when I went to sleep the night before. But that seems to have passed and I can sleep for 6 hours. (Thank You, Lord!)

I stopped by my old job today to pick up my sister. I am SO glad I do not work there anymore--it is such an immature environment. Besides, who ever got buff sitting on a guard stand? Yesterday, for my day's work on the ranch, we bucked hay bales (roughly 40-50 lbs. each)- a total of 328 to be precise, and I handled ever single one since I was stacking and unstacking. I LOVE bucking hay, even though you get super hot and sticky. There's just something about raw physical work and feeling sore (in a good way) afterwards that I just love.

Anyway, sorry this post sounded like a middle-schooler on her second triple-shot cappucino. I have been so mature for my past dozen posts that I wanted to let my hair down (WHICH by the way has been cut and colored for about the 10th time this year. I'll get a picture up STAT.)


Scribbley said...

Life IS like a tornado... And even a blade of grass can be rammed through a tree trunk by its force.

Sorry to hear you were having nightmares. What were they of?

Clearly you are some sort of android, as I can not imagine moving 328 bales of hay. I have done some work with hay before, and its rough (and itchy).

Haha, you change hair color more times than I get mine cut, and that's not an exaggeration.

AFamousStatue said...

A blade of grass through a tree trunk?? WOW, that is so amazing. See you are way smarter than me.

My nightmares? Wow, they were too spectacularly scary/realistic to describe. I am SOOO glad that I am not having them so often now. Thanks for being sympathetic.

I am not an android! I am a cowgirl! Hahaha, same thing.

I DO change hair color pretty often. But I am back to natural now and I am going to stick with it. (I give this natural thingy two months TOPS. Hahaha!)