July 05, 2006

Lost Poems Found

I have a bad habit I am completely willing to admit. During church, when I am not listening with rapt attention which is 85% of the time, I am writing poetry about what I am hearing. The result is over a dozen decent poems scattered around my notes. I finally went through and typed them all up. I took the more decent of them and am going to allow you to pick them to pieces with your criticisms. Hahaha! I suppose I shouldn't feel so protective of them, but I should figure out ways to make them better for which I need you. So be gentle.

Yes, I am in the midst of the fun kind of busy, at least everyday but today. I am home alone on grandmother-duty. Did I tell y'all she turned 90 on Sunday? Well, she is really slowing down and needs round-the-clock care, which I am willing to do. It is good practice for me since I HAVE to be cheerful and patient because I don't want to have to look back at her funeral and say, with tears, I could have been kinder. Besides, for the level of pain she is in 24/7, you would not believe how cheerful and patient she is with ME! I feel so blessed to have her with us.

Oh, right, the poems. Here they are, in random order:


Scribbley said...

Haha, I am doodling 15 % of the time, sleeping 30% of the time, and listening the rest of the time... But I would not describe it as rapt attention. I am a naughty church-goer, i guess.

What is wrong with your grandmother, or is she just elderly? My step father's mother is in fairly good health, but is getting senile. It tries one's patience, but much as you said you don't want to look back with regret. For some reason she thinks I am just freakin' awesome, or as she (and you, haha) would say, "the bee's knees."

Thank you for sharing your poems... I guess I should have read this first as I did not really get too nitty-gritty with them. Let me know if you'd like me to. Ack, but it is important for you to know that I like them very much (save that one I commented otherwise, no offense) and would not want to you to think other wise, or discourage you.

AFamousStatue said...

You are bad in church. :)

She has a lot of joint problems, coupled with elderliness. Yes, haha, I do say 'bee's knees.'

Nitty-gritty? Um, well, this is not a good week to attack poems that have come straight from my heart. Not a good week at all. Maybe next week I will open them up for slaughtering. Notice I do not claim that ANY of them are great, just decent which, at times, is stretching it. But they do come from my heart, often at times of despondency, so I thought maybe someone could overlook the imperfections and appreciate their meanings.

Scribbley said...

I apologize, I would never attack your poems... I'll be more careful i the future. And I think they are great, and really appreciate their meanings, and the images they create to go along with them. Hope you grandmother is doing well.

AFamousStatue said...

No, no, no. I didn't intend to come across offended or hurt or anything. I DEEPLY appreciate your faithful reading and commenting of my blog and would probably scrap the whole endeavour if you gave up. I have just been particularly under the weather of late and I don't know why. Perhaps the Lord is teaching me something, we shall see....

I pray my posts will help you in any way towards the Lord.

My grandma is doing okay. She made it to my little brother's districts baseball game today. But she is pretty exhausted now.