July 21, 2006

I Found Old Poems!!

"Tears From Gaza Strip"

Is this the world?
This bright light, dimmed by grief and greed?
Is this the world?
The laughter of children
Replaced by the staccato of machine guns?
Is this the world?
Fenced by the sea and concrete hate,
No exploration, no adventures and beauty is locked out.
Is this the world?

No, this is my world.
This is the artwork of predjudiced hate and fear.
This is what the shadowed, veiled beast willed.
Claiming all for himself,
Fighting for dominance,
Fighting against God
From before time began,
To the bottomless pit and the brimstone lake.


"Nature Mourns"

Oh sad lackluster day.
Even the sky is crying,
Mourning the lovers lost,
The smiles sacrificed on the death bed of passion.
Rain runs down the foggy windows,
Like tears course her ashen cheeks.

Skeleton branches of a dying willow wave madly in the wind,
Like her empty arms clutch and hold nothing.


"True Love For You"

When you're smiling,
I want to make you laugh.
When you're crying,
I want to drive the tears away.
When you're singing,
I want the world to be mute, and listen.
When you're running from life,
I want to hold your hands and stop the fear.
When you're dancing,
I want to be the music that lifts your feet.
When your arms are empty,
I want to fill them with myself.
When you think of true love,
I want you to think of me.



Verity said...

The "Tears from Gaza Strip" is so powerful Liberty. It nearly makes me cry for them. Thank you Lord for freedom.

Scribbley said...

Nature Mourns is wonderful! The "Skeleton branches" rock.

I think it's interesting that while all sides in the middle east claim to be fight "for God", you wisely say "Fighting against God". Very true.

AFamousStatue said...

WELL, I meant SATAN was fighting against God, but yeah, that is mostly true. Unfortunately, a LOT of innocent, sincer people, including Palestinian Christians, have been caught up in this war. So the way of sin sweeps all passerbys into its fiery flames....

Happy:)Girl said...

I love 'True Love for You'. It sounds like it should be turned into a song. You need to find somebody to turn your poems into songs. That would be so cool.