July 05, 2006

Before and After

Before I chose Jesus,
Every trial seemed a curse,
Because it spelled “helplessness.”
But now,
Every hardship has a purpose,
Like a puzzle piece that fits into a picture
I cannot yet see.

Before I chose Jesus,
The only person I could truly trust
Was myself.
But now,
Even if every person alive betrayed me,
The Creator of the Milky Way
Would never leave me.

Before I chose Jesus,
Life was brief and meaningless and ends in
A ride in a long, black hearse.
Life is a brilliant journey and ends in
A joyful reunion with my eternal Father
In an everlasting city paved with gold.

(I made the changes, as requested, what do you think?)


Scribbley said...

Hmm... I like the "Creator of the Milky Way" bit... But I think the premise of the poem is... somewhat skewed. I see what you are saying, but... I dont think most people who do not believe as you do see things that way. I don't know. I dont like this as much your others. I am not sure why. It just seems... inflammatory? Puritanical? Sorry, I mean no offense.

AFamousStatue said...

Okay, perhaps I should rephrase that as "before I chose the Lord," because that is the way I saw everything. Incredibly depressing, eh? Puritanical? What is that supposed to mean exactly with regards to this poem?
(No offense taken.)

AFamousStatue said...

I may have stretched the "sinner" part a little. But I have met MANY people who believe this. And life did seem very meaningless and empty to me before I became a Christian. It is just a little picture of life, and as life has MANY types of people, this would only fit a few....see what I am saying?

Scribbley said...

I simply love it, it has a totally different feel to it! Now it seems so much more bright...

AFamousStatue said...

I think it is a completely different poem. I suppose it hasn't changed in any drastic way, but it doesn't feel like my poem anymore, at least not the way I meant it come out. But that happens often. I think I should say "ghost written by Scribbley."