July 05, 2006

God's Promises

I never said this would easy.
I never promised a life free of pain.
I never wrote magic into My letters to you
That would dry up every tear
Before you even thought about it falling.

I did say that when
Mountains rise up in front of you
And the thunderclouds in life
Shade your sky,
I will never leave you.

I did promise to comfort
Your spirit
When nothing on earth could
Ease your suffering
And to catch every tear in a bottle.

I did write love in My letters.
A love that, even though
The page is tear-stained, will
Remind you that you are
Not ever alone.



Scribbley said...

I really like the landscape imagery. It makes me think of the "Shadow of the Valley of Death" verse, which is appropriate to this poem. Very nice!

AFamousStatue said...
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AFamousStatue said...

I love that verse...