August 26, 2006

"Out of the Shadows"

For so long,
I hid myself from the world,
Like a bear in a cave.

Armored my insecurities
With a smile and a hearty laugh
And both hands held up
To stave off anyone
Who could enter
My carefully constructed

Both hands can't protect
My entirety.
Too small a space
They can fully guard
And somehow
My hiding place
Was discovered,

Bright lights
Burned my long-darkened eyes,
Exposed me to real life.
Now, I am coming
Out of the shadows,
Never will run from reality


Well, I wrote this back in May. (Have at it, my poetry critics.) But while you read it, think about what you have a tendency to run from in reality. It's different for everyone. Is it the scary notion of letting go of the rest of your life and letting Christ run it? Is it the frightening idea that our knowledge is limited and no, there is not an answer for everything...except God? What is it for you? If you can recognize it, share it with me. I pray for many of you often and I would like to know how to more "tailor" my prayers.


Isaiah 43:19
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

I feel like a wasteland, and not one with streams popping up out of it. How come I do not perceive that the Lord is doing a new thing in me? Well, it doesn't matter what I feel anyway. The Lord just wants me to trust. Okay, I choose to trust that my "Gardener" knows what He is doing. :)


Wendy WaterBirde said...

Personally I think there is a reason bears hibernate in caves, and that its not a bad thing at all, nor is it for bad us to be "in our caves" when we need hibernation either, real healing can happen there.

I guess the thing though is that bears are only there in the winter--in spring they are out in the sun. And we need that balance too.

I guess I see us as like plants, at first fully underground (cave-d), and then later opening to the world above ground. But a plant even then still keeps its roots in that soil/cave even as its leaves open longfully to the sun. We need both, that curling in and opening up. And God is there in both places. Kind of like He is in both our "going ins and coming outs".

Maybe you are not in a wasteland, just merely under the soil. I love what you said about "I choose to trust that my "Gardener" knows what He is doing".

Its such a gift that you pray for people even in "blog world" here. I'll have to think about that question at the end, its likely a blind spot for me.

So nice to see you posting again Liberty : )

AFamousStatue said...

Oh, I think those are both good observations. Yes, sometimes I "hibernate," and sometimes I "hide." I think the problem commences when I hide. :)

Yes, I am probably just under the soil right now. Sometimes I feel like a tender, green (quickly sprouting) shoot though. But I do trust my Gardener. :)

Yes, I pray for YOU, Wendy! (And others.) Hope everything is okay!

Hey, let me know when you have an answer to my question, k?

A Simple Poet said...

I love the alliteration, although I think coccoon should have it's own line to make it a bit more subtle. The imagery is good, I had a thought and lost it...oh well.

My own wasteland, well it is large and dark and foggy and a thing out of a horror movie. I am only now percieving the Morning Star there. It needs to be renewed.

Liberty, in addition to your prayers, you poetry is inspiring. I have recently contemplated writing nothing but Scripturally inspired verse. Have you read any of John Donne's work?

Scribbley said...

armoring and insecurity in the same line, interesting.

I may get "boo"'s and hisses from your other audience members, but perhaps you are watching for growth in your garden too closely? Things don't plop out over night. It takes time. And some rare flowers bloom only once in years. Try not to measure how things are in your life by where you want to end up, but rather how you are progressing to the next stepping stone. You can't skip steps in life. You'll only trip.

I hope all is well, and I really like you poem.

Scribbley said...

Hey, how come I have to write when you don't? I like kangaroo rats the best, too. That's why I looked at them as more admirable of a rodent.

Did you hear about my mighty Tennessee Vols? They upset a very good California team, stunning the country! Go Vols!

I am not writing again until you do... I think.

AFamousStatue said...

Can I lie and say I did? (Cause I didn't.)

Is that a threat?

Scribbley said...

It is the strongest threat I can muster, from so desperately far from arm's length.

I hope all is well...