August 03, 2006

"Your Love"

The sky has never looked
This blue
During my blackest storms.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

The sun has never shined
So brightly
In the midst of so many thick clouds.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

My most mournful dirves have never
Been such sweet, happy
This is what Your love
Does for me.

The highest mountains have never
Been flat, rolling plains
In my life.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

The tremendous winds have never
Come and gone as
These gentle, caressing breezes through my hair.
This is what Your love
Does for me.

Your love catapults my spirit
To heights unknown to rockets and spaceships,
Even when my body and mind
Are filled with chaos and pain.

Your love lifts my feet to dancing
Even when the music has
Long since stopped
And the lights gone out.

Your love is the flame that
Warms my heart
When the icy travails of
My red enemy would
Long since have frozen and killed me.

Your love lights
The path You have
Chosen for me,
Illumining boulders and barriers.
And Your love carries me
When I am too weak to
Crawl onward.

Most of all,
Your love gives me a reason to live...

I mean every word of this. I could not begin to take the next step without the Lord's love and His strength...


Wendy WaterBirde said...

Nice to see more poetry from you busy girl : )

And I really like this part, find it very comforting:

"Your love lights
The path You have
Chosen for me"

God's blessings to you among the busyness Liberty : )

AFamousStatue said...

Thanks so much, Wendy!! But notice this busy girl can only find time write poetry at 1 in the morning! :) But God is moving mightily!!

Scribbley said...

I really like all the juxtaposed (SAT word that I actually hate but works best here) images, very nice. Hope you are able to write more soon!

AFamousStatue said...

SAT word?? Oh, juxtaposed? I want to write more soon too, but it seems unlikely. I was so tired today that I accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the day for two hours, but I suppose that was a good thing. But now I have NO excuse to not go to the gym.

A Simple Poet said...

What a great poem, I love the form ... being a simple poet myself. :)

I hope some day that I can utter such words in a song of praise to God with the same sincerity you did. And the good thing is that I feel that day is very very close.

God Bless you, Liberty!

AFamousStatue said...

Thanks, Will.