September 17, 2006

Been So Long

I nearly forgot my username and password. Anyway, how is everyone? Good. :)

God has been doing and using me in many ways. Sometimes I feel like thinly spread butter on a very big slice of sweet, dark, rye toast (with nuts) and can only become MORE thinly spread as school starts on the 25th.

Basically, I am continuing to work at least three days a week from 9-5 sometimes to 6 or even 7 at night. The days I do not work, I work out, then work all day at home, doing random things. At night, I sleep or not. (A week or two ago, I had an all-nighter of it because I was worried for my little sister, who is still struggling to "give it all to Christ," and I was worried for myself because school is coming and I want to be a witness for Him, not a flaky sell-out like a lot of evangelical Christians my age. Anyway, God was giving me thoughts, I was writing them down and praying and all around being tremendously grateful for His presence.)

But Friday night, I got sick, went to bed, woke up and went gung-ho all Saturday making a movie about the Missoula flood (look it up!) and how it proves the distinct likelihood (of course, I believe it as fact) of a world-wide flood which the Bible recounts in Genesis. Today I am resting though and looking for a car via the newspaper and the internet.

Anyway, this is a word of gratitude that the Lord is making use of my seemingly endless store of energy (which is proving to have an end) and that He is teaching me to grow more like Him.

Praying God will work wonders in your lives when you lay them down, take up your own, individual crosses and follow Him even through the dark and stormy weather.


Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hello Liberty : )

I don't think God asks us to be "superwoman" but rather to simply lead a quiet and nurturing life. He is the one who will speak to you as to what you should do of course, but my humble instinct here says that He may be speaking through your body and its need for rest. Day to day rest from a slower pace feels to me to be calling out, not just slowing down when your body has to get ill in order to get true rest.

I was sorry to hear about your younger sister's struggles too. I used to enjoy her blog very much, she has such a lovely spirit, such true awe for God's creation, as do you. It's hard for a person's spirit not to come through in their writings, maybe not in every piece, but in the general feeling over time.

Wishing you a blessed and restful week Liberty : ) Wendy

AFamousStatue said...

Oh, thank you, Wendy. Those are all good thoughts.

Wishing YOU a blessed, restful week.