January 06, 2008

3 Minutes Around the Big City :)

Okay, everyone. This is a GREAT activity for days off, friends, family, and infamous question-- "What DOES one do at an "adult" birthday party???"

Plan of attack: Get notepads and good pens. Oh! And a stopwatch. Drive downtown. Where there are a lot of people. Pick a spot to sit down--yes- on the little walls outside shops are okay- you won't look like a panhandler. Haha! Anyway- set the timer for three minutes and everyone has to write--whatever they want. Describe a person, a store, or talk about concepts. Whatever you want. As soon as the timer goes off- you HAVE to stop. Nope- stop in the middle of that word. Just STOP. And no rereading or editng or erasing. Leave it. When you're done- reread them. It is great fun to hear everyone else's perspectives of one place.

So my family and I did it. I wanted to share my eight "Three Minutes Around the Big City" (I suppose you could do this in little cities but what you say? "Another preteen gang walked by. Whoopy dee do." Lol!)

Peet's Coffee- Hawthorne Blvd.

So much acceptance.
Wear your plaid and stripes together.
Spike your hair with hot pink tips,
Or grow a blue Mohawk.
Dress up..dress down..hardly dress at all.
We don't care.
You're welcome here.

But not those who live to save babies from death.
No those who question whether we evolved from monkeys.
Not Jesus. No, especially not Him.
You're not welcome here.
No- not your ideas, not your beliefs.
And especially not your bumper stickers
Or sandwich boards,
You make us uncomfortable.
Go away. Go home. Go to church.
Just go away…

Buffalo Exchange

Shiny fabrics are everywhere. I hear clashing and twingling of the hangars. It's funny inside the Buffalo Exchange if you think about it. Everyone here is trying to create their look, or be different from everyone else's. But no matter how different they look, they all end up looking like someone else. There is a match somewhere for his goth, and her pink and black and yellow mash of splurged colors and fascinatingly wild patterns. That girl's hairstyle has been double hundreds of times- it was probably even in Seventeen magazine three seasons ago…


Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shoppe

Across the street is the Bread and Ink Café and to right is the Practically Divine Café, (I think it is a café.) At first, these names are just good store names sketched onto pretty boards and tacked onto artfully designed buildings. But think a little more about them. These two names symbolize man's desire to rule/replace God. God says, man cannot live by bread alone, but on every word that He speaks. But the store says no, live on bread and write your own words.
Practically Divine is encouraging the mindset that God is in everyone- not a separate, holy Diety, that deserves, indeed demands, our worship.

Hawthorne Café

Why do people design modern buildings like boxy, cut up prisons? The buildings in from of us have iron barred patios and portions that bizarrely stick out randomly with little windows and the whole building is a mixed up kaleidoscope of clashing colors. It isn't pretty. Shouldn't art inspire and draw, "OHHH! Look at THAT! So beautiful!" from people? Not- "WOW. That's so weird!" Because it really is.

These buildings are the psychological fruits of a mankind that has rejected God and His vision/norms of stately beauty.

City Liquidators on the "Couch" Level (2nd)

I've NEVER been surrounded by so many kinds of plus (or not) couches, recliners and oversized chairs in my life! Presently, I'm in a shockingly cozy one I'd love to strap to my back, bring home and live/eat/sleep in it---all the time! Forever!

But in a month (probably less if I actually spent that much time in it), I'd get tired or it. I visit another store and want another better, more comfortable couch. This one would lose its glaze of perfection. Isn't that how most people go through life- looking for another "easy chair" of comfort to distract them from their woes and even more- their duty to seek and worship God??

Dining Tables @ City Liq. (3rd floor)

We're at a dark table in a dark corner on a dark floor. This is symbolic, to me, of so many families who gathered, last Thanksgiving and Christmas, around festively decorated tables groaning with turkeys and stuffing and pies and more food than they could possibly eat, but inside, they were bitter or selfish or angry or depressed and instead of the family gathering together in love and harmony, the cheerful façade was overwhelmed by the contents of their hearts.

Everyone has that potential inside them—a dark table in a dark corner in a dark life—alone while surrounded by people.

Everyone needs Jesus…

Beds @ City Liq. (2nd floor)

I'm on a nice bed—well, it would be a nice bed if it were in a house instead of a warehouse. But to my left, a bright spotlight is invading my vision and searing my corneas.

This reminds me of how it is so easy for humans to stay "in bed," in their comfort zones in life, in warmth and safety.

But God is like the spotlight- GET OUT OF BED!! Do something for Me!!!—even if all that means is serving someone else or even if all it means is getting out of bed each day, looking for ways to worship and serve Me.

Don't stay under the covers and hide. Come out into the Light—
It makes for a beautiful life.

Bunkbed City @ City Liq.

I always wanted a bunkbed. And I always wanted to sleep on the top bunk. It was a such a safe-feeling idea. I could see anyone coming into the room. I was the king over anyone beneath me.
Doesn't everyone want to be on the "top bunk?" Being on the bottom was claustrophobic and dark and enclosed. It was like serving the top person. You had to deal with all their squeaks and squidgets on top. But they had only the ceiling to listen to and even a fun ladder!

Serving in life is like being on the bottom bunk. Dealing with others' messes and trouble but not inflicting your own on them.

Get off the top bunk—the bottom will make you happier.

(Besides—I have fallen off the ladder getting into the top bunk—what's to say it won't happen again???)

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