October 06, 2006


I am thinking about being silent for one entire day. Students across the nation are already signed up to participate in the 3rd Annual Students' Day of Silent Solidarity. The reason they are being silent is to tell people about all the millions of babies who have lost their voice permanently. It seems like the least I can do. The only thing is that I don't have school on the 24th. But this is something I would pray about doing anyway, so we shall see. But I encourage all of you to think about participating in this day of silence, in a sacrifice of something we take so lightly for others who will never get to experience it.

I was looking on a state by state list of abortion providers (http://www.standtrue.com/pages/prayerproject/statelist.html) and I was surprised to learn that Oregon and Tennessee only have 8 abortion "mills," however that seems like a lot compared to Wyoming who only has one, but both of those numbers seem small compared to "conservative" Texas who has 47 and (we already knew this) liberal California who has 108 abortion providers.

I know that some of you don't necessarily agree with me about abortion, but I think you would have to be missing part of your heart if it does not break with sadness at the thought of all the beautiful, innocent children who will never get to feel love of someone or for someone, or watch the sunset go down over the ocean, or play with the dogs that we all take forgranted sometimes.

On a final note, I put a bumper sticker on my new car and no sooner had I left my street than someone flipped me off for the simple truth it said:

" :) Smile! Your mom DIDN'T abort you!" Something to think about and be grateful for, eh?

Praying for you all...


A Simple Poet said...

Liberty -

I agree on you with abortion. It is hard to endure this malicious epidemic and harder still for those who have difficulty having children in the first place.

I suppose you can be silent for one day for this cause, but you have been too silent in this blog, for far too long ... so don't make it a habit ;)

Wendy WaterBirde said...

I like the new blog look Liberty.
I grew up in "liberal California" and have a hard time being publicly anti-abortion, I find myself feeling guilt there for trying to decide for someone else when I dont know their circumstances (ill health? rape?..). Because one never knows. Still, I cant imagine going through that, for the mother or for the baby. I know mothers who years later are torn apart still from having had an abortion, and I can picture this shattering heart of the rejected baby, just cut off like that before they could even be here, the ultimate in adandonment and rejection. It makes me cry.

And yet I still have a hard time deciding for someone about this stuff. And yet again as you so rightly say those babies have no voice. I guess I have some praying to do here.

The day of silence is good for the soul, even if its not connected with anything else. I used to have a day of silence each week. I may go back to that at some point.

Blessed Sunday : ) Wendy

Ian said...

We've spoken about this before, and as you know I share your view but feel the logic for confronting the problem is flawed... etc. etc. etc. You know, we've conversed about it before.

I was thinking of that recently coincidentally, as a group that comes to UT every year is due to come soon. They set up graphic pictures of genocide and mass murder and such as a history lesson, and next to it put graphic and gory photos of aborted fetuses of various stages and that sort of thing.

Obviously they are generally not well received, as even those who agree with their views find their method distasteful, and upsetting to young children who sometimes happen to see the images.

As I said before, I don't see how that sort of thing is going to change anyone's mind. Polarizing is pointless. But at the same time, one has to say/do something, right? I commend you for making me think about this issue, I think I tend to sweep it under my mind's rug too often.

On a lighter note:
I am renting my assignment tonight or tomorrow, expect my report soon ;)

AFamousStatue said...

We have spoken on this before and to the best of my memory, I don't believe I ever fully responded to your points. But I have to read a chapter of psychology among other things before six so I can't do it now. But you know I am not avoiding the question for lack of evidence or passion, right?

I AM looking forward to your report.