October 22, 2006

Do I have to use a title?

Instead of being silent for a day, I was very, very vocal. I went to the Northwest Womens' Show at the Oregon Convention Center and worked in the Oregon Right to Life booth. It was amazing. Most everybody was polite and even kind. But we had a few really liberal, antagonistic people which is to be expected in the heart of one of America's most liberal cities. Now, for Scrib's info, we did NOT have graphic images of abortions being done, etc. We had life-size models of fetuses at various stages of development, posters of the different stages of pregnancy and lots and lots of fliers. Nothing offensive right? Well, some people were sure offended. We are trying to drum up a lot of support for Measure 43, parental notification before girls 15, 16, 17 can get an abortion. One woman told me that she had an abortion when she was 16 and she didn't need her parents and she was proud of herself. (Wow, she is in SOME state of denial. If the emotional drawbacks haven't hit her yet, they WILL in a few years.) {Read the research on it before disagreeing with me, you-know-who. :) }

Anyway, I love anything that has to do with public speaking or that sort of thing so this was right up my alley. (Does that phrase have to do with bowling or a street?? Haha.) I just wanted to let y'all know what I did instead of being silent for a day. But now, I have tons of housework and homework.

Focus on Jesus today....


Travis said...

right to lifer Huh? I couldn't agree with your stance more.

Scribbley said...

No, your set up sounds perfect, and jives to exactly with what I was saying. Honey not vinegar, right?

As far as the person who was "proud", that's really a sad thing to be proud of no matter what you believe. I know what studies you are referring to, I have read them. We are hardwired to cherish our offspring, of course we will feel bad for going against the natural order of things eventually. I whole-heartedly agree.

Sounds like it was very well done. My thing is that it would be much more meaningful and effective to convince individuals to make the right choices, than to push for the cause through legal channels. There shouldn't even be a need for such a law, and it just doesn't seem to be the most efficient or quickest way to stop the problem.

P.S. I have not forgotten my assignment, but have also been very busy. Not an excuse, it WILL be done!