May 18, 2006

"To My Core"

Something about the zig-zagging course
Of a bolt of electrifying light
In the expanse of the night
Astounds my soul.

Something about the reverberating clap
Of ominous, Zeus-like hands,
Thundering anger in response,
Roots me in rapt wonder
To the mere inches of ground
My humble feet claim.

Something about the proud
Roar of a conquering lion
Drives such a feeling of insignificance
Into my heart
That I feel ashamed to watch
His proud prowl
Across the sandy, rolling grass of the dark continent.

Something about the heart-wrenching wails
Of the great blue fishes,
Buried in the watery expanse,
Crying for another
To soften its solitary existence,
Makes me listen as I have never listened before.

Something about the way
You speak to me
As you try to
Share your deep, inexpressible love
Shakes me to my core.


Scribbley said...

Very nice. Its been awhile since you put a poem on here. I like the shifting images, like surfing through television channels.

AFamousStatue said...

Hmm, it wasn't supposed to be like tv surfing...but whatever works, I guess.
Yeah, this is the first poem I have written in at least two weeks. It is definitely not up to my usual standards but I just needed to write something so I don't get rusty.