May 15, 2006

Just a Tad Toasty.....

We broke a 36-year old record today, up here in Oregon (the land of "eternal rain," (voice dripping with sarcasm.)) We got to the high of 95 degrees, I believe, which is, perhaps, not all that warm for you out-of-staters, like Californians or Australians, but it is HOT for us. It is now 5:15 and still paralyzingly warm. I made the foolish attempt of going horseback riding during my noon lunch break from work, and after two minutes in the sun, forsook the idea in order to quick finish my work and go home (with a stop for ice cream on the way home, of course.)
Now I get to go play volleyball in a hot gym for three hours. Oh, goody!! No, really, I love volleyball. But who I really feel for is my little brother who gets to play a baseball game.
However, in the face of adversity, the very stoutest in us is brought forth to show the world the warriors and the wimps. In the face of a sun that causes even the coldest ice cream cone to drip from its lofty heights to my lap in seconds, I will stand fast.
(I suppose this isn't a high quality post, is it? I wrote an essay on embryonic stem cell research a couple weeks ago and perhaps I should post that. Ohhhh, the discussions that would arise!!)
Toodles, pip-pip and all the British stuff!


Scribbley said...

You know, normally we would be in that temperature range here in Tennessee at this time of year... But for some reason its been quite cool and rainy lately. Apparently we switched climates with you.

It drives me nuts to eat ice cream outside on a hot day. I get all crazy about trying to eat it before it melts. I eat much more icecream in the fall and winter, when the pressure is off and it isn't so trendy to do so... Ya, I am kind of odd, but in a camouflaged normal sort of way.

Post the controversial stuff. Let the debates RAGE. I ate two embryos for breakfast. Of course, they were chicken embryos...

AFamousStatue said...

I'll let you know when I want to trade climates again.
We'll see about that essay---first I have to find it on my computer....stay posted.