December 29, 2008

A Thought to Live By

"Stop telling God how big your storm is. Instead, tell your storm how big YOUR GOD is!"
The grandeur of God is beyond comprehension. Beyond all the words in English lanuage -- or other foreign dialect. Even our most praise-bearing words do not touch what He is.
God is grandiose.
God is magnificent.
God is ominopotent.
God is omnicient.
God is awesome.
God is omnipresent.
God is awe-inspiring.
God is splendid.
God is extravagant.
God is remarkable.
God is astounding.
God is overwhelming.
Do you still feel like you have only read a list of words? That is because God is all those things but those things are not God. God is still SO far above them and beyond them. We can only begin to sense His greatness when He reaches out, picks up from our brokenness in the corner gutter, breathes new life into us and calls us His own, His bride, "worthy" of His love. We who are not even worthy of drawing our next breath -- worthy of His love.
That is how grand God is. That our great trespasses against Him are utterly lost inside His love and mercy.
Let us never forget the God we serve. Let us never take advantage of Him. Always reaching upwards to His hands --- which beyond all comprehension, are reaching back.

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